01. There are many stories of dogs who were accidentally separated from their [masters], and who travelled hundreds of miles to find their homes.
02. The jewelry theft was obviously the work of a [master] criminal.
03. Yvonne was able to [master] the basics of computer programming in a very short time.
04. It can take many years to [master] a foreign language to the point where one feels truly comfortable in that language.
05. We keep [master] copies of all the audio cassettes in the office so that if a language lab tape is lost, we can replace it.
06. In the U.S. a couple of hundred years ago, slaves could be beaten and tortured by their [masters] without penalty.
07. David Brewer once noted that all of life's great lessons present themselves again and again until [mastered].
08. Jacob Brownowski once observed that man [masters] nature not by force, but by understanding.
09. Pigs can be taught to accomplish almost any feat a dog can [master], and usually in a shorter period of time.
10. Adults usually want to learn a foreign language in a hurry, unlike children who can devote many years to language [mastery].
11. In order to [master] another language, you need to be personally involved in the process, in terms of having a real motivation for learning the language.
12. Learning new vocabulary is at the heart of [mastering] a foreign language.
13. A proverb from Laos tells us that medicine can cure the bite of a poisonous snake, but nothing can [master] a wicked heart.
14. A French proverb notes that even the strongest person will find his [master].
15. We have a general idea of what we want to achieve over the next couple of months, but have yet to a come up with a [master] plan for the company's future.
16. The Hindu religion advises, "Always first learn to be a servant, and then you will be fit to be a [master]."

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